Illuminata is a collaboration between artist Kevin Kegler and poet Christopher Fritton. A project two years in the making, the book unites abstract photographs of light and experimental poetry surrounded by ghostly letterpress forms.

The 20-page work is a testament to ephemerality and effervescence, with full-page photos and double-page spreads of reflected light. 7 photos are interspersed with parts of a single poem in 13 sections; accompanying the poems are phantom prints of loosely arranged letters that mirror the photographic images.

The final result is a large-format folio hardcover book measuring 10.25″ x 15.5″. The book is bound in grey-green bookcloth with Brown Speckletone French Paper endpapers and vellum inlays. The photographs are giclée prints; all text and phantom prints were hand-letterpressed using 18-point and 10-point Garamond metal type on an antique Vandercook 219 Proving Machine. The paper is Hahnemuhle Bamboo. Edition of 16.

This is the first full hardcover book conceived, printed, and bound at the Western New York Book Arts Center.